Hasbro a9251eu4 – Nerf N-Strike snapfire Multicolore - B017RMG1V0

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    • Hasbro a9251eu4 – Nerf N-Strike snapfire Multicolore - B017RMG1V0
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  • Contenu de la livraison: Nerf N-Strike Elite SnapFire Blaster, 2 Elite Darts

  • Produit: Nerf N-Strike Elite SnapFire Blaster

  • Type de produit: Pistol / Colt

  • Marque: Nerf N-Strike Elite

  • Fabricant: Hasbro

  • Contenu: Nerf N-Strike Elite SnapFire Blaster, 2 Elite Darts

    Blaster experts may remember the Nerf Dart Tag Snapfire with its 8 dart turret. However the new Nerf N-Strike Snapfire has nothing in common with its namesake, except for the name, of course.

    The Nerf N-Strike Snapfire fits better into the company of blasters like the DoubleDown or Sharpfire. These blasters do not only share a common design, they all use a slightly modified mechanism found in the pocket-sized Nerf Jolt.

    Similarly compact as the Jolt, the Nerf N-Strike Snapfire excels mostly by its small size. This blaster can be stored (or hidden) in pockets, drawers or handbags, making it the ideal "last resolve" or as an element of surprise. Thus, the Snapfire may change already decided battles!

    The operation is fairly simple: Slide a dart into the barrel, pull the priming bar at the back until it locks in place and then wait for the right moment to pull the trigger!

    Two dartholders under the barrel allow for spare dart storage, two darts are included in the package.

    Attention! Suitable for Children ages 8 and up. Do not shoot at eyes or Face. Do not use darts other than the manufacturer's. Not suitable for Children under the age of 3 because small parts may be swallowed. Risk of suffocation!

    Hasbro a9251eu4 – Nerf N-Strike snapfire Multicolore - B017RMG1V0

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